Fortnite will give away $20m in prize money this year

Fortnite’s Champion Series (FNCS), the game’s pinnacle competitive series, will dole out a staggering $20m total prize money in 2021.

Players will continue to compete in a cross-platform pool with weekly qualifiers, then semi-finals and finals played out on separate weekends to manage player fatigue.

The first three weekly qualifiers will take place in the first three weeks of February, with semi-finals in the first week of March and finals the week after.

Official coverage will now be broadcast in multiple languages for the first time, with French, German and Spanish speakers.

Gameplay changes in the current season include the removal of some traversal items to nerf movement (Rift Fish and Shockwave Grenades) as well as the disabling of Elevators and IO Guards (AI enemies which can quickly highlight your position and disrupt one-on-one plays).

FNCS will run with trio-based teams but also include Solo Saturday cups for cash prizes and other trio and limited-time mode (LTM) cash cups alongside.

Will today’s new mythical Predator item that turns you invisible also be included, I wonder?